Copyright Notice and Takedown Policy of COSPARTS.COM. provides an internet-based platform that allows its users to design and sell their own T-shirts and other merchandise. We contractually prohibit our users from designing or selling merchandise that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties (including without limitation copyright, trademark, and related rights). If you believe that a user of the COSPARTS service has infringed your intellectual property rights, we encourage you to contact us using the procedure outlined below.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the associated Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of third parties, COSPARTS as well as those of our customers. We will respond quickly and efficiently to notices of alleged IPR infringement.

However, COSPARTS requires your help to identify potentially IPR infringing items. As intellectual property owners are responsible for protecting their own IP and COSPARTS does not claim to hold legal expertise on IPR matters, both parties must necessarily cooperate on this policy.

COSPARTS operates in good faith and sells a large volume of nice and trendy clothing to people around the world.

If you sincerely believe an intellectual property right has been violated on COSPARTS, please submit a statement of alleged IP infringement to us that should include:

  1. Full name of the owner of the intellectual property right
  2. Your own full name &the name of the company you represent
  3. Your full address (this must include City, State, and Zip Code)
  4. Your contact email address & telephone number (with country code)
  5. The full description of the (alleged) intellectual property right infringement
  6. Explanation of the (alleged) infringement & its location on the COSPARTS website
  7. The full declaration that you believe in good faith that an IPR has been violated
  8. A statement that the information provided in your Notice is true and correct 
  9. The clear and transparent declaration that you will indemnify COSPARTS against any/all associated claims, losses, liabilities, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) which COSPARTS may incur in connection with the notice


Any misrepresentations and/or inaccuracies, either willfully or as a result of neglect, made in your notice may expose you to liability and damages. You must carefully consider relevant IP defenses, limitations or exceptions. For specific legal advice regarding policy details, consult an attorney.

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